Misssion Statement

Home of Hope's mission is to empower disadvantaged and underprivileged youth to become self-sustaining adults of tomorrow. We believe all children deserve the opportunity to build better lives. HOH is the ignitior and enabler of opportunities for abandoned children.

ABOUT US making a difference... One child at a time

Home of hope is a 501(c)(3) california based nonprofit that ignites new possibilities and brings security and skills to vulnerable south asian children through support of high quality educational programs across india. we focus on girls and children who have been orphaned, abandoned or have disabilities. Our dedicated hoh team, all with strong roots in india, identify organizations that exemplify integrity, accountability and commitment to impactful change. We raise funds for these projects and complementary programs, like our innovative educate to empower (e2e) program, and monitor their progress as they serve india’s most vulnerable children. with minimal overhead (we are entirely volunteer driven) we have brought incredible change to the lives of over 100,000 of india’s youth.

PROGRAMS What we do?

Our projects spread over multiple states in India, and serve over 30,000 children of all ages. All projects provide quality education for children, specifically girls, through four core areas: computer education, vocational training, disability and mental health, and K-12 education. Home of Hope projects bring safety and new opportunities by nurturing children, building their confidence and providing well-tested educational opportunities – especially for those who are deaf, blind, abandoned, orphaned, physically or mentally challenged, or otherwise disadvantaged.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.


Home of hope's youth chapter is founded on three principles, a. To ignite compassion in kids born & raised in US fuled by innovative and leadership skills. While helping the under served kids in India they are given tools to tap their potential of creativeness as they are given a blank compass with the help of supporting team they are encouraged to come up with their ideas to help kids according to what they feel is needed most.
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Projects in India