Currently Home of Hope operates two US based programs that involve many of our volunteers in long-distance learning with students in India. We use the complementary efforts of the power of cross cultural communication and the diverse educational efforts of our projects to help us make this an impactful program. We are proud that our compassionate Youth Chapter members, ages 12-17, are motivated to get involved in our efforts through their creativity and passion by creating opportunities for life-long learning.

Youth Chapter

Home of hope's youth chapter is founded on three principles, a. To ignite compassion in kids born & raised in US fuled by innovative and leadership skills. While helping the under served kids in India they are given tools to tap their potential of creativeness as they are given a blank compass with the help of supporting team they are encouraged to come up with their ideas to help kids according to what they feel is needed most. There are several great success stories but couple of them stand out which has taken the YC to the next level.

It's a great way for them to immerse in their culture of origin while harnessing their creative and leadership skills all for serving the under privileged kids by giving them hope for a better tomorrow and treating them as equal peers.

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