Our programs spread over multiple states in India, and serve over 100,000 children of all ages. All programs implement quality education for children, specifically girls, through four core programs: Computer Education, Vocational Training, Disability and Mental Health, and K-12/Higher Education.

Disability and Empowerment

HOH provides the following for the specially abled
Mental Health: Psychiatric Counselling for physically and mentally abused children.

Services for severely disabled: K-12 Education, Vocational Training, Special educators training, residential care, speech and essential therapies, Therapeutic care and counselling services.

Hearing impaired and Mute Children: Speech therapy, sign language learning, hearing aids, development of regional learning tools, Vocational Training for the deaf and mute and Outreach to remote areas Initiated.

HOH has implemented Disability and Empowerment Program in the following projects

Udayan Ghar

Project Title : Udayan Care
Location : Delhi
Partner Since : 2000
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Project Title : Manovikas Charitable Society
Location : Delhi
Partner Since : 2002
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Project Title : The Adarsh School for Deaf Children
Location : DAmritsar, Punjab
Partner Since : 2007
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Project Title : NAB Centre for Blind Women
Location : Delhi
Partner Since : 2022
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