We love our volunteers! From the professionals who Skype every weekend to mentor budding entrepreneurs and young professionals in India, our team of teaching enthusiasts (bolstered by years of experience in the education sector), our passionate youth excited by service, to our community of volunteers who make our annual events a huge success--we need each one and would not be where we were without them. Check out our needs in the following areas and fill out the form to get information about how you can be involved!

Educate 2 Empower (E2E)

Sign up if you:
- Are interested in direct interaction with the students in our projects, or teaching English through Skype
- Are bilingual (English, Hindi and/or Kannada) (you can teach with us!)
- Have experience in the education sector (you can help us create new curriculum)
- Are passionate and creative (A past volunteer started a football camp that spiraled into a full-fledged, funded, sports program at Mijwan)
- Love the idea of building connections across cultures and countries
- Want the freedom to build your own projects. Got an idea? Talk to us.


This is perfect for you if:
- You’re interested in logistics, coordinating, and delegating
- You want to help out, but can’t make a huge commitment (To volunteer at our events, you’ll just need to show up at the right time and we’ll tell you the rest ☺)
- You're an event photographer (or an amateur one) and want to help us document our events
- Are an audio/visual expert, or event planner and can help us create awesome events and functions


Help us out with our operations! We’d love to utilize the unique skill-sets of our volunteers. Get in contact with us if:
- You have project management experience
- Have specific graphic design skills, can code up awesome websites (knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript)
- You have marketing/social media skills and want to help create great social media campaigns for us
- You have a skill-set, ideas, and the drive to make it a reality.