Our projects spread over multiple states in India, and serve over 30,000 children of all ages. All projects provide quality education for children, specifically girls, through four core areas: computer education, vocational training, disability and mental health, and K-12 education. Home of Hope projects bring safety and new opportunities by nurturing children, building their confidence and providing well-tested educational opportunities – especially for those who are deaf, blind, abandoned, orphaned, physically or mentally challenged, or otherwise disadvantaged.

K-12 Education

Education is a priority that crosses all Home of Hope projects and programs – it is an essential ingredient to opening new doors and making sure youth have a positive future. Children from poor and disadvantaged communities can create opportunities for themselves and their communities when they receive an education and obtain jobs. At Home of Hope, we support projects that provide these transformative opportunities. The following four projects support the education of children in a holistic manner--emphasizing the whole body through classroom activities, computer education, academic lectures, art/dance, and sports.


Project Title : Sri Saradha Sakthi Peetam Orphanage
Location : Karaikal, Tamil Nadu
Partner Since : 2006

The Sri Saradha Sakthi Peetam Orphanage was established in response to the 2004 tsunami that hit south-eastern coast of India. The orphanage provides education and housing to give children a life of self-sufficiency post-graduation.

In December 2004 a tsunami hit the south-eastern coast of India and devastated the poor fishing town of Karaikal. In the wake of this disaster, many children survived, but were orphans. The Sri Saradha Peetam Orphanage was established in response to this need. In 2005, Home of Hope discovered this small orphanage and began providing funds. Karaikal orphanage started with 100 children, and over the past years, students have graduated and gone on to become self-sufficient. The orphanage now currently houses roughly 60 children.

Home of Hope Funding Focus :
  • Basic necessities including housing and food
  • School supplies
  • Computer education program
  • English teachers
  • Additional floor to existing building


Project Title : Mijwan Welfare Society
Location : Uttar Pradesh
Partner Since : 2013
From Shabana Azmi, a distinguished Indian film actress :

“Mijwan Welfare Society (MWS) is an NGO founded by my father in 1993 that works for the empowerment of villagers in a small village, Mijwan in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, where he was born. My father believed that India's remarkable economic progress can only be meaningful if it reaches out to rural India, where 80 percent of the population lives but is denied access to opportunity.”

In a community that has often limited their access to education and vocational training, these opportunities have made a world of difference for the Mijwan girls.

HOH got involved with Mijwan Welfare society in 2013, when we began our operations with E2E by conducting Skype classes in English instruction for the students of the Mijwan Girls School. Since then, through the support of our E2E program and our funding, we’ve been able to create a full-fledged sports program with instructors, proper attire and infrastructure, enabling the Mijwan girls to obtain much-needed physical education programs. Our work with Mijwan has enabled them to gain national recognition in a groundbreaking partnership with noted fashion designer, Manish Malhotra.

Home of Hope Funding Focus :
  • English classes through Skype for Mijwan students
  • Sewing and Tailoring center for women
  • Full-fledged sports program with proper infrastructure and equipment


Project Title : The Children's Home of Hope
Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Partner Since : 1998

At CHOH, each child, regardless of prior circumstance, is given the opportunity to grow and have a future. CHOH was formed in 1970 as an orphanage to serve children of leprosy afflicted parents, and soon evolved to house over a thousand displaced and destitute children. In 1995, the Tanya Nursery and Primary School was formed to provide CHOH children with elementary education. After completing their primary studies, the children are sent to local schools to further continue their education.

When first founded, poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions had caused a rampant outbreak of gastroenteritis. Since then, HOH has donated $333,000-- funding food, clothing, education, staff salaries and administrative overhead. They continue to help add staff, and help children with higher education to ensure a secure future.

CHOH also operates a hostel and primary school with six teachers for children from poor families. Though donations, CHOH recently built and opened a three-story, 20,000 square-foot new facility. The new, light-filled building is a state-of-the-art facility that includes a music room, a dance studio, separate floors for bedrooms, classrooms, the library and computer lab, additional toilet facilities, a private area for the teachers, and a rooftop area for sports. It currently houses 100 children, with the vast majority being girls. The real impact of CHOH is exemplified by the dedication of the graduates now working at the orphanage.

Home of Hope Funding Focus :
  • Nutritional Efforts
  • Operational Costs
  • Education Costs
  • Staff Salaries
Success Story

Kamala is an example of a very strong spirited young girl who lives at CHOH. Her father deserted the family. Her mother, half-blind, very depressed, and dealing with her two daughters alone, felt her only solution was to take the lives of the small girls and end her own. Kamala heard the agonizing words of her mother, clutched her arm and promised to take responsibility for the family, if her mother promised not to kill herself. When Nilima Sabharwal first met with Kamala at the Children's Home of Hope, she was only seven years old, yet already feeling very responsible for her younger sister. Today, she has finished her nursing diploma and is working as a qualified nurse at a prestigious hospital, with plans to take higher level studies. Through all of this, she continues to look after her mother and sister, just as promised.

Four other graduates of CHOH have made a donation to the School of Rs 10,000 :
  • Aruna came to CHOH in 2003, when she was in the 8th grade, and today she is working for a software company and also offers a scholarship to every student whose tests exceed 85%.
  • Sudarshan and Nirmala are both engineers and are inspired to pay it forward by giving back to CHOH.
  • Suddha Raju was motivated by the school to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and now works in a bank, also giving back to CHOH.


Project Title : Paanpoee Vachanalay
Location : Pune, Maharashtra
Partner Since : 2013

In 2003, we began to work with the Vanasthali Rural Development Center. Paanpoee is a mobile library project that began with the simple goal of giving children in rural areas the opportunity to read more books. Things snowballed from there, and soon a mobile library project was born! They have been operational since 1981 and have schools in 8 rural districts. We wanted to distribute books to centers of these regions and distribute the books with wonderful characters, pictures and maps to children between 3 and 6 years old to stir their imagination.

From the Center, up to 50 books are packed into canvas bags, and transported on bicycles to monthly meetings or training camps. By watching a child holding a book for the first time, or hearing a student describe how new doors that have been opened for her, you will understand what motivates us.

Partnerships are established with booksellers who provide PaanPoee Vachanalay with educational and entertaining books that are teacher-approved. Then, plenty of volunteers and teachers work together for book distribution, and in some cases, mini library establishments at different schools. The highlight of these operations? The glowing book reports children write after reading every book.

Home of Hope Funding Focus :
  • Home of Hope has supplied PaanPoee with a transportation van to deliver these books to a center, where the teachers fill their canvas bags with 40 to 50 books and deliver them to the families on their bikes
  • Also, there are two locations where the Mobile Library carries books and educational toys - currently, one is in Baramati where 57 schools are being worked with, reaching between 80 children each day, and the other is in Somatne, where there are 40 villages, serving 4,000 children
  • An example is how the well-organized this is, the Jejuri School, who has classes taught by Government approved teachers, has strong support from the parents, and they also are accessing books by Paanpoee program
  • Another example are the 15 'Ashram Schools', set up for the children of migrant workers. There are 54 teachers working with 1,448 students, and the PaanPoee books are taken directly to them
From the administrative point, HOH has helped VRDC appoint a part-time office assistant, to help with:
  • accounting: follow-up with centers and maintaining status reports; an assistant has been hired to work with shops and publishers directly for more books, mailing to villages and delivering to outlying centers
  • taking on 2 more members of the team at the office who will work closely with people in villages and sub-centers; equip the organization with material to send to small villages outside of the area they are working in now; and add another 'Mobile Library'.

Building Kidz and Saidham

Project Title : Building Kidz
Location : Faridabad, Haryana
Partner Since : 2017

On May 3rd 2017, Vineeta Bhandari, founder of both Building Kidz School ( ) and Building Futures, traveled to Faridabad to connect with Shirdi Sai Baba School, where she would lay the ground work to open her first nonprofit school. HOH has been in Partnership with Saidham ( ) since 2009.

On May 21st 2017, Development Director Sarah Gan led a training for 10 teachers to implement the Building Kidz School program at Saidham. In Sarah Gan's own words:

"Our organization is thrilled to now provide 200 underprivileged students with free education, school uniforms, and learning materials! This is the children's first glance at our curriculum and the culture of our program, music classes, dance classes, and shows! With our training and guidance, these children will receive engaging academics and performing arts classes which will nurture, kindness, and care! The children enjoyed each day with the new curriculum and we are truly excited to see what this year unfolds for them! We, at Building Futures, are elated to be a part of ensuring these children have an opportunity to a better life!"

HOH is honored and feels blessed to be part of this progressive movement in Saidham through the Building Future vision. This program incorporates the highest level of academics with Performing Arts and extracurricular activities to create a loving nurturing environment that inspires character, confidence, and the life long love of learning. HOH Project in Saidham is a great launching pad for this Program and God willing this program will be implemented in other HOH projects to make a National and Global impact. That is the vision of founder Vinita Bhandari to make a mark in India for Building Futures by contributing and starting projects with the help of Home of Hope to benefit the underprivileged kids.